Issue with Virtual Bones


I am working on creating a character which uses the ALS V3 animations. I created the mesh/skeleton myself in blender, and I am following the guide listed here:

I am following the instructions shown in the video to create the following virtual bones:

VB thigh_r_calf_r
VB thigh_l_calf_l

However, after I retarget the Mannequin_IK_AnimBP to my skeleton, (I made sure both have the correct pose, in this case a T-pose) VB thigh_r_calf_r and VB thigh_l_calf_l become massive in the Anim Graph Preview from the Mannequin_IK_AnimBP blueprint. This is shown in the included screenshot. I believe I have the bones set up properly, and the ik_foot_r / ik_foot_l bones don’t undergo the same issue. Anyways, the inverse kinematics don’t work and I believe this is causing the problem (or is at least related). Can anyone tell me what is causing this behavior?


I also included the skeleton hierarchy

Nevermind, it turns out that I needed to edit the VB Thigh_r_calf_r and VB Thigh_l_calf_l transforms on a different axis than I was originally altering. However, the foot inverse kinematics are still not functional. Although in the IK blueprint animgraph preview the mesh and skeleton seems to respond to the virtual bones, preview of the actual animation files and playing shows that the bones are exactly moving with the thigh/feet. It almost seems as though EnableIK is set to false, even though it is definitely set to true (And I have tried it set to false just to make sure- still nothing)

The pose bones in the 2 poses for retargeting need to match as close as possible (to the root). So if you follow the tutorial you are provided with a tpose. That tpose feet should match yours as closely as possible.

your camel cases are making me nuts; is it _l or _L, _r or _R?
Are you sure unreal knows the correct case?

Could you have mistakenly mixed the label for left and right on those thigh bones?

Hey, I am using a T-pose for both- however, my issue is no longer in the positioning of the bones, but rather in the fact that no matter how I position them using the transform section of the IK blueprint, no change is made on any of the animations.

About the camel case, its pretty annoying but its the scheme for the skeleton for the animation retargeting guide I followed (Major bones are capital, minor ones are lowercase or something annoying like that)
From what I can tell, in the blueprints all bones are correctly selected (they’re selected from a dropdown, so there is no possibility of incorrect case causing issues since I have to select it from a list)

Thanks for the reply though

Always worth a check. If you can publish a sample project And the base FBX I’m sure I or someone else can give it a look.
there are many things that could be causing this - hard to even guess.