Issue with updating mod on the workshop

So as the title says I’m having issues updating my mod, I cook the mod, reset the GUID and upload it but the workshop isnt saying its been updated since November :confused:

Make sure there isn’t an error popping up in SteamCMD when it’s uploading. It’s only there for a second, then it’s gone. So, watch that CMD window when it comes up like a hawk, otherwise there may be a log in the ModTools folder of your DevKit install.


I was actually having a derp moment, I noticed the “error” in the cmd so I went digging into the ark dev kit folder and found it, I forgot I had to have the thumbnail for the mod:eek:

I got it all updated and ready to go now :slight_smile:

Though I did have another question, Im working on making a wireless omni lamp for my advanced generator and I was curious how I would go about adding a menu to the lamp that would allow me to change the color on it via the radial menu? Or would it be easier to just have different colored lights?

Might want to click the view on workshop page button after cooking to make sure its not making new copies of your mod instead of updating the existing one.

I have the same issue, I want to try my new map (this is the first one!) but I can’t, I’m not sure for what.

The steamCmd client response:

Preparing update...
Preparing content....................................
Uploading content...ERROR! Failed to update workshop item (Timeout).

On folder: workshopbuilds I see this log:

[2016-04-18 19:48:06]: Removed: preview.jpg (12 kB)
[2016-04-18 19:48:06]: Summary: 8 files added, 7 files changed, 1 files removed
[2016-04-18 19:48:11]: Uploading new manifest (5076 bytes).
[2016-04-18 19:48:24]: Uploading 30 out of 30 missing chunks.
[2016-04-18 19:48:40]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/0c71cee7b02b349373d878d11d20684ac78be8f2/3617140199" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:01]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/720202978dbcefdf828775a1d699b7693f16fd1d/2476289705" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:04]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/38019e08e8eb3b6b922c22c770255a333b96b560/1654459157" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:05]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/6240caf62fe8830175404b5b829e2c9bc6a3e3c9/590848892" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:05]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/71fe7f70108662c49e93c1ac1436c502246e3f53/120178637" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:05]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/67ae0bd80923b21e46af91e079ca0f10f80c0ffd/70839710" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:12]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/50a1d5eda98ba655eb52cfbfdcd2355e726544ff/2105770647" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:21]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/112a232839f5d868919330bce1fc84d0637c9349/3127856507" (Error code 408)

[2016-04-18 19:49:21]: Retrying chunk for URL "/depotupload/4518979656392128423/chunk/5a0c61b6404755b39d0f648d875a9e862dfe9b4f/3255949009" (Error code 0) 

I don’t have problem with my connection or bandwithd

You have an issue with your steamCMD client. I would suggest re-downloading the client to resolve that issue, you can also manually upload your MODs which i always do and never rely on the wonky devkit system due to issues such as those happening in the past. you can find the steamCMD here: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ARKDevKit\ModTools\SteamCMD

Thanks!, I re-downloaded the client via epic and steam same problem :frowning:
I have windows 10, and I deactivated firewall and antivirus, anything else?

I did a test, I removed the complex landscape and I put a simple one, and it works … the map with a simple landscape is 1mb, but with my complex landscape 33mb, is it so much?

How long were you uploading for, steamcmd generally times you out after 30-40mins.

I can’t upload more then 64mb at a time, so if I have to release a larger mod, I have to upload it in fragments to stemCMD. For some reason they just simply time you out even if you are actively uploading.