Issue with Update EpicGames/release

I’m trying to update engine version over GitHub, thanks for your help. After a rebuild in VS2015 to restore a project with a bit of custom source code I opened GitHub, clicked Sync> Update EpicGames/release, got a window, "Failed to merge EpicGames/release into ‘release’… Please commit all changes and merge again. I switched to the Changes tab, selected the changes> clicked commit> tied Sync> Update EpicGames/release and got the same window as before. What’s missing?

I tried importing assets built in 4.15 into this custom 4.14 engine and predictably UE4 coughed up a hairball, not able to save assets. I exported from source app anew, FBX import no longer a problem, but now when I try to edit materials I’m told I can’t save any changes, which must be related, though I can’t see how, seeming these were fresh exports.

Many thanks for your time.