Issue with UE4 4.26 in Macbook Pro Touch bar 15" (2018)

Hello Everyone!
I hope anyone can help me.
I’m having serious issues running UE4 in my 15"inch Macbook Pro Touchbar (2018):

UE freezes when I make any tiny change, like changing materials on an object, or when choosing animations for a character. It’s a very strange issue and I couldn’t find similar questions in this forum, neither in Google…

I uploaded this short video showing the issue:

An interesting thing is that the screen unfreezes when I select another window from UE (please see the video).

I also tried this in other Macbook from 2015 and the issue didn’t happen.
I don’t know if it’s a problem with OS Catalina, or if there’s an incompatibility with this specific model.

It is so frustrating because this is a very powerful computer, but it seems to be useless… I’m aware that Windows could be a better environment for UE, but I would like to fix it in my Macbook, so I wouldn’t need to replace the equipment.

Thank you very much in advance for your help