Issue with tile generation causing gap.

I am having an issue with my tile generation code/components not lining up right at the start.

Video demonstration here.

As you can see, the first tile is fine, then there is a gap and then it carries on as intended. I am trying to find out what is causing that inital gap.

Below are screenshots to my blueprints for each thing that I changed and believe are directly affecting them. I’d appreciate any attempt to help on this, as for now I have a bodgy way of fixing it, which is to spawn my character forward and above the inital platform, skipping that jump entirely and whilst that works…it isn’t intended. Thank you!

Image of components.

These are the components used within the MasterTile Blueprint that houses most of the code. The idea is to use the 0 point of the arrow as the basis for the next tile to spawn in.

Image of MasterTile Event Graph.

This is the code I used for the box trigger within the MasterTile.

Image of the Spawn Tile function.

This is what allows me to continously spawn in new tiles, by making the spawn start point, as mentioned above, the 0 point of the arrow in MasterTile. (Please excuse all the comments. I am still very new and this helps me understand what each thing does. The function was made within the GameMode instead of on the MasterTile, player or anywhere else for ease of access.

I am happy to provide extra information if needed in order to help out with this, thank you!

Is the first tile placed in the level, and not spawned? Then the spawn point variable isn’t set, I’m assuming that second tile is spawning at 0, 0, 0

Yes it was manually placed. Perhaps I don’t need it in the level then?

How would I figure out where the second tile is spawning in from? And how would I go about blueprinting a Spawn Variable? Thanks

No, you’re doing fine. But you need this bit of code in the tile:


Oh my god, that worked a charm. Thank you so much!