Issue with the "Block Collisions" between two actors

Hi guys, i have this little issue with the block collision, I have two actors: The “TopPawn_BP” (the player actor) with a box collision with “Player” channel, the second actor is “SideWall_BP” a wall that should block the player (TopPawn_BP), I set his collision in block only “player” to block the TopPawn_BP but it not work at the moment, i upload the screenshot of the collision settings, what i’m doing wrong ? Thanks guys and sorry from my english.

one of your actors is set to overlap and not block, this means its collision response will be to take note of things it passes through but will never be impeded by the object. try changing the collision response to block in the toppawnbp

i try to change the collision in Block in the toppawnbp, it not work, maybe is the fact that i add an offset on the player actor and not a movement ?

I have solved with set the collision of the TopPawn like Pawn