Issue with Streaming Levels - Empty map on play.

So I am a bit more confident and started working on a bigger map, and for optimizations sake I will obviously be using streaming levels. After realising that when I play, only the persistent level is shown, I followed the tutorial and was told (among other things) to activate the ‘Enable World Composing’.

Now I did that and, but now when I play I just go in a free-fall only to realise that nothing from my map is visible. As suggested by the tutorial, the Z kill level is -48,000 and I am working in the -2,000 to the -13,000 range so it should be fine. But still on play I spawn flying in the air. If I turn off the option and press play, it’s fine again… but I obviously need it on for level streaming.

Any ideas on what I’m missing or what I am doing wrong please?

Nothing… sorted…

Turns out that the option ‘Enable World Origin Rebasing’ is now on by default. This needs to be off.

It is located under World Settings - World - and click on the small arrow to open up more settings and it will be found there.

Just out of curiosity, how big is your map?

You have the visibility toggled under “window” and then “levels” correct?

Yep now its fine… Have over 22 levels now and map is working like a charm…

The map is just a little less wide then the ARK map but is a bit longer. I didn’t like the square island… not many perfectly symmetrical islands out there :P.