Issue with Simple Move To Actor/Location and walking animation

Hello, I am quite new to Unreal Engine and I am struggling to get the character walking with an animation while using Simple Move To Actor or Location. Actually, it works only with SK_Mannequin as mesh and as soon as I change it to another mesh (I have tried Paragon Yin and UE4_Mannequin) then the character is sliding to the destination rather than walking or running. If I move with the control keys then the animation works normally.

The easiest way to see my problem would be to start a fresh new top down project and replace SK_Mannequin with UE4_Mannequin in the TopDownCharacter blueprint. I have tried comparing both blueprints but as I said I am quite new to Unreal Engine and I am not sure where to look. I have also looked at point and click tutorials but I haven’t found one so far that would explain how to change the character mesh, so I am a bit stuck here. Any help would be appreciated.