Issue with rotation

I want to achieve a smooth rotation with the analog sticks for mobile and PC (controller).
Even with the default 3rd person project you can see that this occurs when playing with a controller or mobile previewer.

The end result will be the guy rotating instead of the camera and the controls will be like a mobile version of hotline miami.


Found this hidden away in the project settings, the dead zone is set to 0.25 so setting it to 0 solves the issue :smiley:

The reason for this is likely in the normalization/dead zone handling of the game controller input.
To get very smooth directional input, the two axes need to be taken as a vector, and the length of that vector needs to be normalized to 1.
Input code that treats each input separately (and, for example, multiplies and clamps) will cause the problem you display.

I’m trying to solve this through trial and error but getting nowhere :frowning:
Below is a visial representation of what’s happening.
The red bits are where it’s letting me point, the white gaps are where it locks to that axis.
The green circle is what I’m aiming for.

My mess of a blueprint:

Am I even using the right events for this?

EDIT: See top for solution