Issue with replication physics Actor sych


you probably going to trashtalking me because i’m so bad and i can simply googled to find my answer but i promess you i spended a lot of time in my research.

In this video i try to make the replication of somes physics actor in the Lyra Template, sometime it’s ok but sometime i dont know why i have some desych.

So i decide to make a switch has autority in the actor and set simulate physic and it’s work (even it’s look like lagging i dont care)

After that i try to make a “add impulse” from another actor to the main actor and i get the error “the actor need to simulate physics”



UP ! :frowning:

i made this settings and its continu to not working correctly :

[type or paste code here](

I find the solution, you need to put you static mesh in the default scene root and activate Replication & Replication Movement

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