Issue With reflection capture after 4.5.1 hotfix

After 4.5.1 hotfix all the reflection capture in my level stopped working.
Tryed to Build and to add newer ones but nothing everything just reflect skylight capture(also tryed to remove and add it back).

I have actually wiped out shader cache to see if it may help fix the problem.

the problem is still present but other projects(epic ones) seem to not suffer from this issue.

After reopening my project it has been solved there too with no cue about how to reproduce it.

Hey Deadlineproof,

Is the problem completely resolved as far as your own project is concerned?

Yes , thanks.
Sadly I didn’t identified any bug or behaviour that caused that issue.
Possibly I didn’t noticed the lack of lightmap information in the map, however on the first light rebuild it didn’t get fixed.

Hello again Deadlineproof,

What we will do is close this question for tracking purposes and mark it as resolved, but if this problem occurs again and you have some way to reproduce the steps we will be glad to address this as a bug so we can fix it as well! We are glad you were able to resolve this issue yourself however; we always try and up-vote users who are actively seeking out solutions to their own problems!

Thank you,