Issue with referencing position data of one actor and adding it to current actors location


Like the title says, I am trying to pull the changing position of one actor (which is changing within c++ class) and add that vector to the current Pawn. Here is the blueprint I have currently:

Am I missing something? The two things that throw flags to me are the Loop Body pin on the for loop node and the Exec pin on the SetActorLocation Node. I’m not sure what to connect to those if anything.

Thank you advance for your help.

You’ve got a couple of unconnected Exec pins there:

  1. Your loop body pin should connect to whatever you want to be executed on each of your Earth Actors, so connect it to SetActorLocation. Currently your loop isn’t doing anything. Make sure if you have further code to add after your loop that you continue on from the Completed node on the ForEachLoop.
  2. You don’t currently have anything triggering this block of code - there’s no Exec going into your Get All Actors of Class node. So if you want this code to run you need to trigger it from something, whether tick, timeline, custom event, or something else.