Issue with projectile destruction on hit

I’m working on a basic game in which the player has to dodge projectiles spawned by the tower by dodging behind various obstacles and advancing strategically.

The issue I’m having is, the projectiles aren’t destroying themselves when they hit something. They fly straight through walls/floors/etc, but they collide with the character and push him around. They’re set as homing projectiles, so since they’re constantly trying to home on the capsule collider on the character they just move him around. Why aren’t they self-destructing on impact?

Here’s a screencap of the projectile blueprint:

Any help would be appreciated!

If they’re set to only collide with the player then the event hit will only trigger when the player is hit. If you want them to be destroyed when they hit a wall or an object I would recommend adding a custom collider response for ‘weapon’ or ‘missles’ and setting the collision on the objects it collides with to block that collision response.

This is the collision preset I made for the projectiles. It should collide with everything. :frowning:

Oh I think I misread, do you want them colliding with walls and such too or is that a mechanic?

Yeah, the player can dodge the projectiles by running behind a wall and having the spawned projectile collide with the wall instead.

I rebuilt what you’ve explained and I have run into the same issue, I’ll see if I can work it out and I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:

Thanks bro, much appreciated. This is the first major blueprints project I’ve tried so I’m pretty new!

I couldn’t get the hit event to register unless I was moving at the missile as well. Very odd, but I worked around it by switching to overlap events as they seem more consistent. I’ve provided some images showing what I did using overlaps. Hopefully this can be somewhat helpful. I’ll have to do more digging to learn about hit events in more detail too.

In this first image onbeginoverlap I printstring the object that was hit and then destroy self on the missle.

If you use this method, be sure to enable overlap events on things you want your missiles to collide with.