Issue with print node


I am trying to display the player speed on the screen. In this current form it spams a long row of numbers from top to bottom.

  1. How to prevent it to spam every tick?
  2. Is it possible to format or have linebreaks in print messages? Or is it hardcoded?

You can use the node “Set Timer by Function Name” instead of printing it every tick. Create a function that prints what you want and, in the begin play, call the Set Timer by Function Name, set to looping and set the interval you want it to call.

About the linebreaks: Use the Append String node and try Shift+Enter inside the text field to create a linebreak.


This is what I have so far. Only prints once at start but does not repeat. Not sure how to use the set timer node.

Now I get it. Had to re-read your comment again. Create function.

Format text is excellent for this. Put you vars in curly brackets like: Player is moving at {vel}Mph and a vel input will appear on the node. Feed this into your print node.

Thanks, that is very useful.