Issue with Pickup Blueprint-Items


while working on a game, i recently got stuck on an issue, wich i am not able to resolve: i made an Actor Blueprint of an Item (lets say a Potion), that will be placed many times in the level (maybe 10-15 times across the level), by simply dragging it into the desired places of the viewport. The Potion Blueprint has a collision box, wich detects Begin and Endoverlap events. However, the player should not be able to pickup these items by simply stepping into them - instead he has to push a gamepad-button while inside the collision box radius. So far, this works fine.

Now the issue: It seems that i can only pickup Potions by a certain order (maybe by the order they were placed in the level?). I cannot pickup any Potions before i pick a specific one and then follow the next right ones. In then end i can pickup all just fine, but not randomly pick up any i like. I dont use any Array or Index and everything is coded inside the Actor Blueprint.

Like mentioned: the pickup works, but i cant figure why UE4 wont let me choose to pick up any Potion i want. Since many games rely on picking up items by using a Button, i was wondering, if there is a special way to blueprint something like this to make it work. Any help is appreciated!

Maybe better solution would be to Add Collision box or sphere on your character, Get overlapped actors (your pickup items) and simply pickup one by one in order you want. It’s probably better than to place many actors with overlap events.

Thanx for the replys! I removed the Enable Input from the EventBeginPlay and plugged it into the Everlap Events. Its seems to work 50% of the time now. Wich means i can pickup any item anytime i want (wich is the goal), but then sometimes i cant… I guess there is something hidden in the Charactercode that influences this issue, wich i have to find now…

It looks like this now. Still very simple. And like mentioned: it does work now, but it seems that depending on the state of what the main character is in (he has 2 States), it lets me either pickup any of the items i want or just these in a specific order. Its kinda weird, but il have to find out how the Characterblueprint affects these pickup items.

Hi, im guessing its the priority. If you use “Enable Input” you can use the Input Key in this Blueprint.
And when you click on the key you notice there are checkboxes, the first one should be unchecked, it handles priority.
I dont know if this works for you but i had a kinda simular problem, spamming the key worked also and sometimes it just worked also by chance basically.