Issue with packaging multiple maps for iOS in 4.7

I am running to this issue in 4.7 (It wasn’t an issue in 4.5 or 4.6) that when I try to package all my maps for iOS (via editor on Mac), only the open(or default) map gets added to the package, and will be cooked. Of course, everything is fine if I use FrontEnd, where I can pick the levels I want to cook.

Like previous versions (4.5/4.6) and Android Packaging I am expecting that it will cook, and package all the maps in the Maps folder.

I was wondering if anyone else ran into the same issue.

I encountered a problem like this ( I think. my issue may have been different ) last night, where i could switch through my levels just fine on my mac, but when i launched it onto my iPad and tried to switch levels it just displayed a black screen.

Packaging works fine in 4.8 P4 for me. I can switch between levels. But I do have a black screen when trying to do the same thing and I clicked on “Launch” in the editor.