Issue with online subsystem after migrating a project into 4.24

Good day everyone!
We’ve got some problems with online subsystem after migrating the project from Unreal Engine 4.21 to UnrealEngine 4.24. We’ve previously set up steam online subsystem by official tutorials, and it worked just fine until an update; but now steam plugin, seems, doesn’t load at all (it enabled in Plugins). In addition, the whole multiplayer appeared to be very laggy as it never before even when I run sessions on my local machine.
Congif in DefaultEngine.ini is seem to be fine.
Does anyone can suggest in what can be a problem, and what else to check?
Thank you in advance.

Edit: the issue with Steam API, it appeared, was on our side, but lagging in multiplayer is still an open question. I took some time to try to switch different Engine versions in order to see which engine versious causes its problem. 4.21, 4.22 and 4.23 - multiplayer is working just fine. 4.24.1- causes huge lags and delays on begin play character possession (clients possess into their characters after ~30-40 sec delay).

Update: I could “fix” this problem by increasing internet limits in DefaultEngine.ini


Awesome, thanks for posting this Gryphon1, I’ve spent the best part of a week trying to figure out why I was getting huge lag (30-40 seconds as well) after possessing character, I had narrowed it down to having to be something in 4.24.2 as the same code worked fine in 4.22.3. Adding the settings to DefaultEngine.ini solved the problem for me, they must have made some change to OnlineSubsystemUtils, that isn’t setting the defaults properly :frowning:

Anyways thanks for this now I can get back to doing something useful instead of trying to fix this issue :slight_smile:

Hey I’m having the exact same issue. My 4.23 project is broken especially on the client but this addition to the DefaultEngine.ini did not help whatsoever. Do you happen to know what is going on?