Issue with "Notifications and subscription settings" on Answerhub

Hello there

I got an issue going on since a long while now (months).
When i try to modify my Notifications and subscription settings (answerhub) i got a error message.
Impossible to modify and it’s quite bothering as my current subscription being to wide, i got my email box flooded of notification.

Wondering if I’m the only one here having that issue. Hope something can be done to change my settings.

Hi Theblacktiger.

This is a known recent issue on the Answerhub that our web vendor is working to fix in an upcoming update. It’s not global for everyone, but seems to impact some accounts. Our web vendor should be able to do local spot-fixes for individuals who report the issue, and I’ll reach out to them now to try to fix your account.


UPDATE: Your account should be fixed now. Please let us know if not.

Since this is not ‘feedback’, I’m moving it into the General section

Working perfectly now, great ! thanks you very much. :smiley: