Issue with Normalmap/smoothing displaying

Hi everyone, I’m really new to Unreal and PBR. I’m trying to build a little set in the engine and I’m having trouble with some basic stuff.

I made and exported this lamp from max 2012
my .FBX for Unreal was exported using the settings outlined in the Unreal engine Documentation. Except that it does not have the option to Preserve edge orientation. (3ds max 2012)
All faces are part of the same smoothing group.
The normal map were generated using xnormal using exported normals
Within Marmoset, the normal map adjusts my smoothed normals correctly and the object appears more or less like the highrez model.
In side unreal, I see the normal map but the appearance of the object is still effected by the underlying normals. It looks as though surfaces that should appear flat, look rounded.

Does anyone have a clue as to where I might have messed up?
It might be worth mentioning that I am also using a very old graphics card…gtx 9800…

Currently, UE4 isn’t sync with MikkTSpace tangent space, this will be address in UE 4.7. You can reference this thread:

Try flipping the Green channel in the normal map.

Also, make sure your normal map is using normal map compression, otherwise it will not work correctly