Issue with my red vs blue map

How do i do to make movement speed get slow as soon as you leave the zone.
Example: when i enter the red zone the movement modulator starts but when i leave the zone the movement modulator doesn’t stop.
What can i do?

If your not using classes yet, you can set up 2 different classes, use class designers to make class 1 normal speed and class 2 with a slower movement speed.
Also set them so inventory doesn’t reset or health/shields etc etc

Then use class selectors to change players to class 1 on entering zone and change players to class 2 on exiting zone.

That way you don’t need to use the movement modulator

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Create a second movement modulator with speed set to 1.0 (or whatever you want their speed to be when they leave the zone) then just connecting it with the mutator/player counter / whichever you use to detect people entering and leaving the zone and make it so they activate the other movement modulator when leaving

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