Issue with multiple touches in UE4.25-26

Hi all,

I’ve been making Windows touchscreen applications in Unreal for a while now. We recently started a new project in 4.25 and I’m suddenly getting this error whenever I have more than one finger touching the screen:

LogSlate: Error: SlateUser [0]
notified of a touch starting for
pointer [-532247552] without finding
out it ever ended.

Some things I’ve tried:

  • Opened an empty project in 4.25 and confirmed I still receive this error with multiple touches
  • Opened an empty project in 4.26 and found the error occurs there too
  • Gone back to 4.24 and confirmed that this error doesn’t occur

This has broken any sort of ‘pinch’ functionality we had in the project. Has something changed with how touches are handled since 4.24? Any help would be much appreciated!


I’m seeing the same issue here. Did you ever find a solution, or did you make a bug report?

Hello! I had the bug as well and the only way to fix it was to update to 4.27.