Issue with morph target

Hi everyone,

I am currently encountering a problem with my imported morph target where my characters head moves back when I move the slider of the morph target. The morph target animation looks fine in Maya LT but not in unreal. Thanks in advance.

We need some more information → how have you created your morph target, what exactly looks different,…
Have you done it like it’s shown in this tutorial: :slight_smile:

Sure, this is what my character looks like in Maya LT 2017:

This is what it looks like in UE 4.16.1 with the morph target set to 1.0:

Here is a small gif of what its doing:

I forgot to mention that I was having this same problem in Maya LT but changing the order of the blend shape in the inputs fixed the problem in maya, but the problem showed up in ue4

Nevermind I found the problem. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that when I duplicated the head mesh I was not in the bind pose.