Issue with Maya Rigging Toolset adding Character

Hello guys,

I’ve a trouble with the Maya Animation and Rigging tool, maybe anyone know the answer.

I’ve a character, the based one on Unreal with a rig and skin, and I’ve an animation in .FBX
When I import the chacacter on the Maya Scene and after the animation everything works.

But with this solution I havn’t the curves for the animation, so I’ve tried to import the character with the “Add Character for Animation” from the Epic Game menu
But I have this message :
No Character found in the scene. Would you like to add the character now?

If I choose no, the tool import just curves without mesh or bones.
If I choose yes, the tool import the mesh and the bones and tell me the same message again and again and when I try to import the animation after, I just have the bones of the animation, but not matched with the current mesh.

Anyone know what can I do?

Thank you in advance.