Issue with Maya for UE4

I know this isn’t a Maya support forum, (I know many of you great artists use Maya) however, it does pertain to UE4. I’m trying to make a UV map in Maya for use with a static mesh for UE4. The issue is… when I put the map on the model, its all transparent and I see what appears to be the texture squished into the form of a grid on the model, like the outlines of the actual UV. What causes this? I even tried something basic like a cube and still the same. I have a feeling I’m missing an option in the UV Edit window.

Thanks, love you.

It’d be easier to help if you were able to provide detailed screenshots of the issue.

Are you making a simple material with your uv map or Uv Texture and when you put it on the model the texture does not fit the model?

My guess is you need a “Texture Coordinate” Node then plug it into the Left side of the Texture node.

Thats my guess on the issue.