issue with max stat scalars

does anyone else encounter issues with “max stat scalers”?

i use it on a buff attached to a saddle to increase weight and speed of a dino.

no problem in singleplayer. how does this work on a dedicated server / multiplayer?

the values get only updated if you level up speed or weight.

this is how i add the buff. it displays the icon when riding the dino, so i assume its applied.

Have you looked at the Swamp Fever buff? It uses them.


besides the terrible mess inside the graph, it did not help.

the “max stat scalers” from the buff still only work in singleplayer… no graph stuff. i just think/experience that the buff blueprint stat scalers are not replicated?!

Hi there. I still can’t this get to work. To apply a speed buff to a player is no problem, but the dino does not change his speed in multiplayer mode. All fine in SP. All working with health scalars. Only dinos in MP seem to not accept speed buffs. Although the buff is clearly applied. Oh man, where’s that magic checkbox