Issue with main and death menu

So I have this major issue which I need to get resolved quite quickly and I for the life of me can not figure it out. Pretty much when I start up my game and the menu opens, if you were to click the background of the menu and not play, options, quit buttons, it pretty much locks the screen up. So I can not move the mouse outside of the window nor click the buttons when this happens only way to fix it is to hit the windows key or bring up the command console then you can proceed to click play or quit. It’s the same on death. To navigate after death you need to hit the windows key or console command to be able to click on a button. I followed the menu tutorial that unreal provided and I did everything the same, yet I get this issue. Any help would be amazing. one image shows the button highlighted then another is the mouse hovering over the same button only after clicking the background.
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Check your project settings, look for “viewport properties” and check if the mouse capture is enabled and also check for your mouse capture behaviours.

I Just had a look and these are my current settings:

after going through and checking. It seems to work for the menu which is fantastic, at least after turning off the whole capture thing, but it doesn’t work with my death menu still. As soon as my character dies and is presented with the death menu I still need to hit the windows key/console key to be able to select the buttons.

so hear as the player dies it goes straight to the death menu.

and this is the death menu level blueprint

has it’s own game mode with the same settings. Should I use the same game mode?

can you show me how are you calling/showing the death menu?

Ok, you are opening a level with death menu, does this death menu uses the same game mode as the main menu?

It’s a good test, but also, looks like you are using the same player controller in both cases, right? if so, check if the selected player controller on death menu level are capturing it, or in a simple test: request to show mouse cursor before open the level and don’t use any player controller on death menu level’s game mode

oh no, don’t put “none” on it, just remove the node! lol

Anyway, don’t use any player controller, just as a test, and check how it will behave.

You don’t need the show mouse cursor anymore, you can remove that node. And remember, that is just a test to check if it will behave.

Ok, that was the point I’d like to test.
But anyway, set a different player controller to your death level game mode and test it.

And don’t forget to get back with the get player controller and show mouse cursor nodes

Using the same player controller, yeah. I did the request show mouse cursor before open level on the level blueprint and I put none as player controller for the game mode but still didn’t work, also crashed on player death haha

oh hahaha I shall give it a try now

Okay I’m met with this when I try without the node

Okay I removed the node, played through and died and on the death menu the mouse cursor did not appear and was unable to click anything

Okay I made a new player controller and tested it all but still having the same issue. This is a real strange issue.