Issue with logging in (in forums)

Hello, i have a real problem trying to log in UE4 forums.
i admit that i did a pretty weird manip. as i purchased a game in the store i changed my email, then my nickname, then changed my email again, then my nickname again. actually it was so weird that i even can’t remember what i did exactly. i did this to have two accounts one for the store only, and one for the engine. that way i can use two separate Windows accounts. the result is that my store account works perfectly, but my Epic games account of my engine dedicated (Windows) account does pretty weird things. like, i can login in the EG launcher, i can login in the answer hub (here so) zone without any problem, i can loggin perfectly in the learn/courses sections. BUT i can’t loggin to forums. i tried deconnecting from the launcher, i tried emptying my Firefox cache (tried with Chrome as well), and nothing. i don’t even get the login button in the upper zone of the forums
So, if someone has a bright idea, or knows how i can contact the forums admins, thank you