issue with local maps for play testing

I somehow (?) messed up cooking/uploading my mod, and ended up with four copies in my steam workshop. I deleted the extra’s so I only had the most up to date one, then found the tut on here about how to update the mod id in the mod.db file so it won’t happen again.

The problem now is that when I go to play a local session to test it, FOUR local maps all named exactly the same show up.

So I deleted G:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal thinking that would fix it.

But all the maps still show up. I think NONE of them are pointing at the most recent version of my mod (since none of my recent changes are in there) so I can’t do any testing to see what does/not work.

How do I remove maps from showing up in the Host\Local window ??

Maybe unsubscribe from them on Steam, then delete them from your Content/Mods/ folder.

EEEEE oh em gee that did it! YES!

Also… you can change the name of your “launch map” and re-upload to steam :wink: