Issue with loading Level Stream instances using blueprints

So I’m trying to make a procedual level just like what is explained in the first part of this tutorial:

Most of it is taken from the tutorial. What I’ve added was a string to set the name each instance. Then I’ve added a “create Instance” node and added the “get streaming level” which I did by dragging my level stream from the “levels” subwindow into the blueprint. I hooked that and the string to the “create Instance node” and added a “level transform” referencing the generated instance and the transform calculated for each tile of the level.

Inside the editor the meshes of both levels referenced in the blueprint are visible. But when I play my map there is nothing there.

My blueprint can be seen here. This was done in the level blueprint of the main map.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Note that I tried packaging my project and launch it but there is still nothing to be seen.
Thanks in advance!

Sorry for bumping, but does anyone know a solution to this?

I posted an answer over on Answer Hub, seems to get it working with an extra node.