Issue with landscape painting after adding 6th layer - grey checkerboard

Hi all,

I have been painting my landscape fine with 5 layers… i need that elusive additional layer and all hell has broken loose :slight_smile:

I’m getting grey checkerboard on all my patches apart from 1.

I’ve searched and searched with people saying, rebuild lighting, and try running the level etc but to no positive affect… i don’t want to revert to my 5 layer setup if needs be. Is there something obvious staring me in the face i haven’t seen, or some easy fix for this?

Please help before i hit revert on Git!

Best Regards,

i have the same issue when painting a third layer

Found the solution, well a solution.

Within the Landscape Material, select the Texture Samplers and change the source to Shared: Wrap. Do this for each texture, it should fix your problem.


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I know this is an old post but I love you man.

OMG thank you soo much this saved me