Issue with "is valid" node

Hi, i am new to UE and the Blueprint system and actually trying to turn on and turn off a light point when the player is near it (trigger volume) and is clicking the left mouse button.
I manage to have a partially working thing with the graph below:

But i have a major issue, once i have been for the first time in the trigger volume it is always possible to turn on and off the light, even when i am not anymore in the trigger volume. I have been looking on the web, but i only found thing with an old version of the “is valid” node, which i think it is the core of my problem.

In the hope that anyone know the answer !

you do realize your is valid is getting if the trigger volume still exists and not the actor overlapping the trigger right.

in any event i would go about this another way. if you werent working in the level bp then i would have said to enable / disable input to the actor on overlap. since your using the level bp though it get a bit more complicated. are you planning to have many sets of lights in the level that are triggered from the left mouse button? if so your really going to have a hard time doing this in the level bp. if your planning to only have this one set though then you could easily accomplish this with a gate node. for the gate you would connect the input event to the enter pin, the begin overlap to the open pin, and the end overlap to the close. this will make it so the script beyond the gate can only be fired if you are overlapping and press the LMB.

again though i would probably use a actor bp for a system like this since it will be easier to create sets of lights and interact with them using the same button. if you want to proceed with this let me know and i can explain how to do it.

Hi, thanks for your reply,

I didn’t realize that the is valid is getting his value in that way, that make really more clear why it doesn’t work!

Actually i am planning to have many sets of lights who are triggered from the LMB. I am going to try it with using an actor BP, but if you have some tips or tricks, i will accept them with pleasure.