Issue with iOS game open level

Hello Everyone,

I am a software engineer pretty much new to ue4 but I decided to give a start on Game development. Although I am pretty new to it I got myself accustomed pretty quick to the ue4 environment. I started a lil game planed to have 20 fixed levels for the start and switch levels at the end of each level using a trigger volume that triggers open level ‘LevelXX’ this works pretty fine on simulator. Yet when I package it to my phone using iTunes to upload my initial screen shows up, Game start works and level1 comes up. But when I reach the end of level1 and tiger the trigger volume. I get my loading screen but afterwards instead of level2 starting the Game just gets back to the phone Menu throwing the game to the background, trying to get back the game just ends up closing it.

I am using my iPhone 6+ 11.2.5 for testing with engine version 4.18.3 on a MacBook Pro High Sierra (i7 16GB )

I checked online and ended up seeing that levels or maps needs to be included manually which made me get excited to have found the solution yet still after adding them manually in the project settings I still couldn’t end up switching from level 1 to level 2. I used both Packaging for Development and Shipping yet no luck.

So I ended up coming here to ask the community to find a way out of this. Practice and Learning makes the Master.

PS: Level1 loads by default and Main Menu is set as widget. Practically on Game start I just remove the widget hence level 1 has been already loaded.

No one with any suggestions? Thats weird.

Ok have solved it, Asset manager was where I should have included the levels.