Issue with getting a main menu to work properly

So I followed this tutorial - and have followed it diligently to the end and can’t figure out why it’s not working as intended.

My problem is that when I launch the game, you can click and hear gunfire in the background behind the menu and also when I click the play button it does nothing when it should close the main menu and load the “FirstPersonExampleMap”. The other buttons work as intended (options, quit and changing resolutions) however play just won’t work.

I’ve done everything except creating their energy, ammo and health variables and hud elements in the previous step as I have my own HUD with custom elements.

Are you creating the menu in it’s own level? For mine I have both a dedicated level (because it’s an active scene in the background), and I used a special player controller for the sequence, which doesn’t have the game play controls.

No, I dont think so. My game consists of 1 level and so the blueprint for the menu and HUD are within the firstpersonexamplemap.

There in lies part of your issue then. The map is already loaded at the same time as the HUD. Now you could disable the player controls to the character while in the main menu, but at the same time there is then no reason to “load” the map, because it is already there.

I would personally keep my main menu as it’s own level, just to avoid things running in the background.