Issue with Function (message) not showing drop-down of items.


Please note I am a noob, so forgive my ignorance.

I’m trying to follow this tutorial:

I have followed everything and backtracked several times and still run into the same issue.

I don’t think you need to watch the video to help me, hopefully this is a silly mistake I am making!

My issue is at 13:10. After creating a function with two inputs (both of which are variable class actors), I attempt to reference this in another blueprint.

This is what should happen as per the tutorial:

You will see that underneath the inputs of the function when referencing it, there is a Select Class dropdown option.

I am able to reference the function in my own blueprint, and my two input variables show. However, there is no dropdown list to select the specific class in them, as per below:


No matter what I do I cannot get the dropdown list to show.

So my question is, is this because the tutorial uses an older version of Unreal Engine, in which case how do I reference the specific actor in the respective input? Would I connect a reference to the actor to the respective input?

Or is something amiss with my function interface and I need to change a setting to allow the drop-down of actors to appear?

Thank you :slight_smile: