Issue with fullscreen fps cap

Hey guys,

I’m using 4.23 and I have some issues with a packaged game. If I put it in full screen with Vsync set to false and a frame rate cap of 120 the fps is still capped at 60. As soon as I go to windowed the fps goes up to 120. The weird thing is with it in full screen if I tab out to another window on my PC the FPS in the game goes up to 120 while in full screen, once I tab back in it goes back down to 60. I’ve tried every FPS command and config setting but nothing seams to unlock the FPS while in full screen.

If anyone has any info on this it would be really helpful. As a side node I have a basic setting menu that makes use of the UE4 User Settings nodes and when I put the game in to Full screen using those nodes or using the full screen commands the game crashes. Once I relaunch the game it starts in full screen.

Crash error

Thanks guys.

Ok so just after writing this I found if I use the command (My screen res is 4k)

r.SetRes 3840x2160f

I can get full screen with the correct FPS cap of 120, but it seams using the User Settings nodes still gives me the issue of full screen getting capped at 60 FPS.

Just for anyone that might come across this in the future, it seams its just an issue with 4.23 I just upgrade my project to 4.24 and everything is working perfectly. My FPS is unlocked in full screen and I dont get any crashes when switching window mode either seams like it was a bug in 4.23 that was fixed in 4.24.