Issue with font choice and replies

I just have some feedback on this new forum.

  1. I find the choice of font to be very bad. It looks like it is bold by default and I’m finding it very hard to read. It actually hurts my eyes to look at the font in the forum. It might also have something to do with the text being off-white against a grey background. I have to look away every few minutes to allow my eyes to relax. I would prefer white text (or ideally black text on a white background) in a non-bold font if possible. Is there an option to choose what font and colors are used?

  2. I’m not a big fan on how replies to individual posts are hidden requiring you to click on the “replies” button below a post to reveal what someone has replied to someone’s post in a thread. There could be important information in a hidden reply that could be lost when browsing a thread. I find it frustrating to have to click on the “replies” button every time I see it to view an replies just in case it is relevant to the discussion. Ideally I would like to just be able to scroll through the thread and view all posts/replies in chronological order. Is there an option to change this behaviour?

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Thanks for the feedback! We’re looking at creating some alternative themes, as strain with the current font/styling has been a common report.

The replies do show up later in the topic chronologically, as was the behavior on the previous forum. The option to expand on the individual posts pulls the specific replies into essentially a “side thread” for visibility.

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Oh, I think I see now… I’ve clicked on the reply option below your post, which if I understand you correctly will place a reply within your post as well as a reply in the main thread.