Issue with Duplicate Spawning my User Interface, Following a Quest System Tutorial

Hi all,

I am a fashion design student in my final week of my classes–building a fashion experience where you explore Bryant Park and view my garments that are designed with models from the park design. I, about to graduate (next week). I am desperate at the moment to solve a minor user interface issue that I want to solve ASAP. Forgive me for not knowing the terminology for a lot of things, I am learning as I go.

Anyone who can help me, I am hugely grateful to you- I have been following Ryan Laley’s Quest System Tutorial. I am at part 5 where I have been able to create the interaction between an actor and the first person character to call a widget that plugs in the data from the quests. Every time I call the User Interface widget, it duplicate spawns, while only spawning the cursor for the duration/existence of one of the widgets–therefore I am unable to exit out of the second user interface spawn.

Here are images of the blueprints I believe are causing the issue–is there anything anyone can see here that commands a duplicate spawn of the UI?