Issue with custom computer model not importing correctly into Unreal?


I recently started messing around with Blender 2.79. I tried making a simple computer with some textures and models. I went ahead and exported the file as a fbx and tried to import it into Unreal - and I’ve gotten issues with an error message and blanat issues with the actual meshes and textures. I’ve gone ahead and attached the photos but please let me know if you guys have any advice/solutions - I’d great appreciate it!




The normals on the back of the monitor are facing inwards. There a blender view for that.

Blender shows double faces, meaning it draws the faces on both sides. Unreal however, be default only shows the side of the face where the face normal is pointing “away”.
Those faces have the normals pointing inside the computer. You have to invert those normals in blender. Calculate outside will do the trick . There’s also an option to display the face orientation. Faces will show blue on one side and red on the other. You want the blue side to be visible. There are also options to show the normals.

In the fbx export settings of blender under geometry you should set smoothing to face instead of normals only to get rid of the first warning in unreal (no smoothing group information was found…).
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-25 um 19.02.00
Before i export my models from blender to unreal i always go into edit mode, select everything and hit Shift + n to recalculate normals and then i check with the face orientation overlay if everything is correct, just in case.