Issue with creating a BP keypad doorlock

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to create a keypad recently, one that in function the player has to know the number combination of (through hints) before inputting the combination to cause something to happen, like a door opening for example.

I have bought assets in the past but they have never really worked out for me, so I went out to see if I could do it myself, I followed examples like the one created by Epic I followed it to the letter but for some reason the thing does not function.

I have tried this in 4.18 and now in my current build in 4.20 and it does not work in either of them, I cannot press any of the buttons and as a result I am left wondering if the widget component is broken or I have overlooked something, is there anyone that can help?


There’s heaps of different ‘gotchas’ when using the Widget Interaction Component (WIC). For example, nearby Volumes may ‘consume’ WIC Traces in silent failure. If so, adding a custom-collision-channel dedicated to WIC and set to Ignore for Volumes will solve this. If you have multiple WIC’s in the level or attached to players / vehicles, you will also likely need to set-up custom unique ID’s or they’ll clash…

Basically there’s a lot of tricky scenarios that are easy to understand once someone explains, but they’re tricky to spot when troubleshooting. So I’d recommend going through past Answer-HUB posts to see some sample problems (search on WIC / Widget Interaction).

By the way, you don’t necessarily need a WIC for a keypad. Just do a center camera trace / weapon-dot trace to a Numpad mesh that contains a Tag (0-9 etc). Essentially, the WIC is better for more sophisticated uses, such as a Elite-D type ‘3D’ interactive radar, comprised of multiple layered widgets etc. BTW: The docs are always the let down with Unreal (versus Unity etc). Epic just don’t devote enough time to them. So why not up-vote or comment in discussions like this one, if you agree with the core points being made…