Issue with computer abbruptly shutting down

were you able to repeat the same issue with the exact same method? I mean, every 5 mins after you’ve done with UE4, then the laptop will always shut down by itself?


I have a Acer Pretator laptop with these specs:
Nvidia gtx 970m,
16GB ram,
intel 6700k

So it basically has more then enough power to use Unreal Engine.
Lately after working a whole day on the project, when i shut down Unreal Engine, 5 minutes later the computer shuts down as if there was a power outage. Trying to open the laptop normaly does not work, so I then have to Hard reset my battery for it to open again. Ive taken my laptop back to the retailer for a technical inspection and after they pushed my laptop to the limits, they found no specific problems. Not even battery problems.

The technitian asked me what type of software i used when the problem happend, to check if the problem was software related and i told him i was using Unreal But the problem happend 5 minutes after Unreal was shut down.

So this is a question for the developers of the Unreal Engine.
Can you inlighten me of what the problem might be?
What do i need to provide for any inspections you guys might need to do (project file)?
Do you even think this is Unreal Engine related?

Thank you for reading.

At first it happend 2 times, 30 ish minutes after shuting down Unreal engine. Then It happend 2 times, 5 ish minutes after shuting down Unreal Engine. I went from using Unreal Engine normaly, too having my pc abruptly shut down a few minutes later (after Unreal was shut down), when opening lets say low power consumption stuff, such as the Internet or listening to music. After that, i took my laptop to be inspected.

Currently i dont have my pc to provide any details now. I will probably be recieving it back tommorow from the technicians.

So yes… to answer you’re question Code Hawx, there was a type of repeatability of the issue. Im not sure if i can repeat it though again.