Issue with collisions when rotated

I have a character with a “sword” box coming out of the front of my character registering overlaps. I am using begin and end overlap events to tell when it is over anything that is tagged enemy. So my issue is when i rotate my actor or anything else that the sword box is connected to it keeps registering begin and end overlap events over and over again. The strange part of this is if my character is exactly facing down everything works correctly…one overlap only. It seems to be an issue with me rotating the “sword” collider.

Has anyone else has this issue? I’m on 4.14.3

Thanks for your help

Edit- some additional information. When i set make the “sword” collision box visible it is rotating correctly. Like i mentioned it works correctly if the character is facing down. It will still trigger when not facing down, it is constantly triggering both begin and end overlap in that case. The thing i noticed is it is also triggering in the original position too. Its like its rotating and not rotating at the same time? I have it as a child to the capsule collider of my character. I rotate the collider.

So i think i ended up figuring out what the issue was. In my player controller “use controller rotation yaw” was turned on and messed up the overlap events for some reason. Hope this helps someone in a similar situation.