Issue With Collision


I’m having a bit of difficulty with collision, as in, I can’t get it to work the way I want to, which could be (most likely) due to the way I have things set up.

Anyways, I have an AI actor that “flies” (without navmesh and such as there is no 3D navigation yet, at least that’s what I gathered from a bit of Googling, otherwise, if there is, I have no idea how to set it up) using simple movement, how ever, for what ever reason, this object won’t collide with anything, not even instances of itself, the overlap and hit events don’t even fire.

It has a collision mesh which was generated in the editor and collision is enabled.

Here’s its collision setup inside the BP. Simulate physics is disabled, works fine with it on, though, with it on, it no longer moves (gravity is disabled as it’s in space).


Example video:
[video]- YouTube

Can anyone at least explain why the hit/overlaps don’t fire?

It could be because of your object type, how did you add Unit & Asteroid to the list?

Via the collision tab for project settings.