Issue with chasing enemy variable blueprint?

hi, I’m making a game where theres an enemy chasing you and it kills you when it gets close. i want to add a function that when the player enters a certain trigger, the enemys speed decreases. ive made a blueprint in the trigger (named "brislow), and it works, but it only works when the enemy reaches the trigger, it does nothing but play the sound when the player reaches the trigger. what ive did was made a variable with the value of 1 called “speed” in the enemy blueprint (which i named “chase”), and in the enemy blueprint, ive set it so that if that variable is below 0.9, the speed changes to a set speed (lower than its normal speed). (definitely not the best way to do that, buuut it works, lol) ive made the blueprint in the trigger decrease the speed variable by 1, as you can see, but i have no idea how to make it so that the player can decrease the enemies variable as well. does anyone know how to do this?