Issue with animation (Mixamo)


I have a issue with the animation on a character
at start he is on T-pose and when i put any animations the character is completely deformed (weirdly funny btw) like the 2nd screen.

And i do not know where the problem may come from, that’s why I come here to ask for help

thank you in advance for the help.

The Mixamo animations likely need to be retargeted for the animations to display properly if its on a character using the UE4 skeleton. There is a plugin on the marketplace that can retarget specifically those animations, or you can retarget them your self. It might be what fixes this issue for you

i tryed to retarget but now i have this on the same animation (idle)
there is only the head moving

I found the solution to my problem, a beginner’s error can be, I did not check this box before, now, my animations work perfectly


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tu me sauves mec !!! Où que tu sois je t’envoie des bonnes vibes :smiley: