Issue with adding procedural Animation to bones that are attached to PhysicAsset-Bones

SO i made a Car using a PhysicAsset. The Axis-Bone is a PhysicBody. The wheel Bone has no PhysicBody and is controllable through animation. My idea was, while the Axis-Bone is controlled by Physics and is rolling, that the WHeel bine can be animated to steer left or right. The issue is, that it seems that the AnimBP ticks before the PhysicState is applied to the bones, and therefore the STeering can not take the Axis-Bone rotation into account. That means that it doesn’t matter if Transform ModifyBone uses WOrld7Bone/Component-SPace, as the wheel will always flip over.

Someone has any idea? I could add more PhysicConstraints to handle this(and control those through C++), but i wanted to avoid that.

I already asked this 5 days ago on the ANswerhub, and got no comment/answer yet :frowning: