Issue with 3D widgets

Hi everyone.

Can someone help me with this? This is making me pull my hair out. I have a 3D widget component on a blueprint of a rock. This 3D widget is set to respond to an onclick event, it works fine.

However I want this widget to be displayed at the center of the rock, so no matter what the rocks rotation or location is the widget is always at the dead center of it. That’s the problem…if it is… you can’t click on it.

Now obviously you can’t click on it because it’s literally inside the rock, even though it’s displayed on top of everything you can’t actually interact with it.

That’s a big problem, not just for my stupid rock but for anything else you might want a 3D widget to display in the center of. If the rock somehow got flipped over on it’s side you would never be able to interact with it again.

Am I missing an option somewhere? There’s no reason why a static mesh should be interfering with a UI element that is rendered on top of everything else.

you can check out the example content there are few good almost like it.

Any one in particular? I’ve gone through the ones that looked relevant but haven’t seen anything that fits with my issue yet.

There isn’t much about 3D widgets in them that i can see.

This is only my opinion but afaik a 3d widget is set in level, then there is no rendered location but level location only, which means that your click event occurs on the first blocking surface it encounters, in this case, the rock. As work around, i would propose or set button on top of mesh (but not fair for tall meshes) or make it always facing the character.

My widget is a screen space widget so it’s always looking at the camera. Which it makes it even more stupid that a piece of geometry can actually block it.

Ugh… so basically 3D widgets that you want to interact with are useless for anything that moves/rotates. Great. Putting the widget in front of the object isn’t going to help either, since if you’re behind it you won’t be able to use it.

While we’re on the subject, it seems UMG buttons don’t work properly with 3D widgets either, their hover states seem to be ignored.

I did a try with a cube and a widget with a button set in mesh and ui : screen and it worked, both click and hover. Add screenshots and we’ll try to figure where you did wrong.