Issue while packaging

Completely Overhauled because i realized too late I didn’t type anywhere near enough.

i’m having to create a 2d side scroller for a class project and i’ve got my prototype at least ready to turn in for the initial feedback.

The problem is that once I package the game and test it out, there is no side scroll. WASD move the camera despite it being classified as a 2d game within the maps and modes and having the camera spring locked on the …z axis i think? whichever is the 3d version.

it works perfeclty fine while playtesting within the unreal engine, so i’m at my wits end at how i can fix this with what limited knowledge i have on the topic.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Also realize this is not the location on the forum for me to have posted this. My apologies :frowning: