Issue while lerping a float representing an angle

I need to lerp a float that determines the angle of a character’s bone. However, since angles go from -180 to 180, at some point the value is going to invert, and it will result in the character doing a reverse spin to reach the new point.

In this gif, I wait for the alpha value of the lerping to reach 1, then I start rotating to show it works in that case.
However, if I later show what happens if reach the point where the angle inverts while still lerping, and it will do the reverse spin I’m talking about.
I’m pretty much looking for a blueprint new lerp function that won’t allow that to happen, as any attempt to make one myself didn’t quite get me where I wanted.

I think lerp nodes have a “use shortest path” checkbox. Try turning those on if you haven’t.

You could try storing your angle in a Rotator and lerp that. The rotator lerp has the functionality to properly handle angle wrapping.

Oh wow, thanks to both of you. I was just using the normal float lerp, ignoring Rotators had a lerp function attached. I tried looking for one by unchecking context sensitive while creating a node, thinking I would have searched into everything like that.

I will test and let you know.

EDIT: It works, problem solved.
Thanks again, a bunch.