Issue when uploading to Steam - Security Code

Whenever I try to upload to steam, I keep getting “Are you logging into the Steam client from a new computer? Here’s the Steam Guard code you’ll need to complete the process” bla bla… problem is I have nowhere to put this code in and as far as I know I cannot disable this feature.

I logged in on steam on the same pc and even a browser but it still asks. What can I do please?

I am uncertain if it will work but you could navigate to /ARKDevKit/ModTools/SteamCMD/ and run the steamcmd.exe file.
Then type in

You should get a response asking for a Guard key. Maybe it will work then.

  • To be on the safe side, exit your normal SteamClient before.

In the DOS-style SteamCMD command prompt window that pops up when you first attempt to Upload to Steam, it should give you the option of inputting the SteamGuard value right there :slight_smile:

Worked like a charm. Thanks peeps :).