Issue when exporting

Hi, I’m trying to migrate a niagara effect from one project to another but the asset changes when migrated (it becomes more transparent)
Here is a before and after migration

I tried with other assets and those have no problems, I don’t know what’s up with this effect. Any help?

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Hey @TheSceriffo!

Are you just simply migrating it? Or import/exporting?
Can you show us your settings for whatever method you’re using? Thanks!

I’m right clicking on the asset - asset actions - migrate
I tried both the fx itself and the whole folder but both create the same issue

Hmm. Are both projects in the same version?

Try exporting as .fbx and importing into the other project that way.

Yes, both 5.1
Can I export niagaras as fbx??

You sure can! Just right click> export, and choose .fbx. Make sure you include everything it depends on in the export checklist!